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Study Abroad Xperts, professional education consultants dedicated to your success.

Premier Universities

Study Abroad Xperts can help you get accepted into the university and colleges of your dreams. We work with premier universities throughout Canada, United States, United Kingdom & other European Countries, Australia & New Zealand.

Career Counselling

Using a unique career counselling approach helps you choose the best career that suits your personal profile. we work to get you accepted and admitted to the university of your choosing along with the program of your choice. Our process ensures the highest approval rate within the industry.

Visa Advice

We provide you with all the information that you need for applying for visa to Study Abroad. Our experienced Regulated Consultant, Chitra Bhatia, assists you with the visa process for studying in Canada. This service is available for students looking to study in Canada only.

Financing your education

Studying abroad can be expensive. Our education consultants show you how to finance your studies. From scholarships to work permits and financing – we can make the numbers work


Going to a new country and not knowing where to live can make the whole process very daunting. We guide you on how to find the best accommodation.

Guidance on finding work after graduation

We not only guide you on how to find part-time work along with graduation but also how to find employment after graduation.


Engineering & Technology

Engineering BS or Master Graduates will always have hundreds of challenging career opportunities due to the constant demand for their services. Engineers also report having one of the highest job satisfaction ratings due to the professional’s financial security, and highly creative, intellectual environment; not to mention the rewards of being able to benefit society through scientific and technological discovery.

So if you are looking for a career in Computer Engineering, Construction Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechatronics, Medical Informatics Technology or any other field, get in touch and we will be able to help.

Study Abroad Xperts, professional education consultants dedicated to your success.

Our only goal is to ensure your international education dreams come true. We strive to get your application accepted to the perfect universities and programs. Whether in Canada or the United States, your ideal study abroad scenario awaits.


It is predicted that a Career in Science would see a rapid growth of jobs. Imagine a world without scientists. Disease would run rampant, advances in technology would be non-existent, and the environment would be a disaster. If you want to become a Scientist in biologist, microbiologist, pathologist, Biochemist or Biophysicist, Environmental Scientist, Forensic Scientist or Geoscientist, we have options for all. No matter your goals, we have study abroad services designed to meet your needs.

Career in Arts

We not only help you pursue your passion but assist you in finding the best University & college that can help you shine in one of the fastest growing industries. Canada and USA are known for the best Universities and colleges that can help you pursue your dreams and make career in Animation & Effects, Visual Design, Gaming & Technology, Studio Arts, product & Interior design, Fashion & Apparel, Film production, Music & Performing Arts, Culinary, Media & Creative writing, Marketing & Photography Our professional immigration and education consultants can help with admissions, getting accepted, study permits, immigration, and more.

Business Management and Economics

An undergraduate or a post graduate in business, management or economics can open doors to multiple career options for you We partner with some of the best Universities that offer MBA, BBA with various specialization. We provide the best guidance on how to get into the best business schools. We’re more than consultants. We strive to find the perfect university and program for your needs. From ensuring that you prepare yourself for getting accepted to the best University. From guidance on the standardized exams to admission essay and preparing for an interview, we assist you with all, we’re continually focused on your goals We will get you admission to the best business schools

Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Paramedics and Kinesiology

If you are looking for a career in health, we offer some of the best health sciences, we may have some very good options for you. With dozens of years of combined experience working in the education and immigration industries, our team knows the ins and outs of the study abroad industry. We’ve developed a system that ensures your application has the best chance of success and you get the best guidance that is possible Our professional immigration and education consultants can help with admissions, getting accepted, study permits, immigration, and more.

Law, Politics, Social, Community Service and Teaching

If you are looking for Study Abroad Opportunities to pursue programs in law, political science, community service or teaching, our education consultants may be able to guide you. With a professional staff committed to you, our acceptance rates are the best in the industry.

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