8 Dorm Room Essentials

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Moving to a new environment can be scary. But these dorm room essentials will make sure you have the things you need to start your new journey.
Adult arriving at airport

Are you excited for college and living all by yourself? We’re sure you are! But there’s a lot to do and remember to make your stay a perfect and easy one. Here’s a list of 8 dorm room essentials you can’t miss to carry before you start your journey :

First Aid Kit

A must have First aid kit fully stocked with essential medicines. It’s handy in the time of crises when you have minor cuts or even in case of major accidents. So keep them band-aids ready!

A Sturdy Laundry Bag

Mom is not there to take care of the laundry anymore. So better to take a sturdy bag to collect week long cloths that are to be washed on weekends. Can be also used to store other stuff in the time of need


Good to keep the wrinkles away from the cloths and look smart. Will also come handy for craft-works and other projects in the time of need. And never to forget the interviews in which you have to look good and ready.

A Sewing Kit

Clothes rip sometimes and buttons come off so sewing kit is must with some needle and threads of some basic colors. Will also come handy for many uses during your stay, this one is a must not just for you but also, for your friends when they visit and if there is a mishappening.

Workout Clothes

Works out clothes are must have to use the facilities of the dorm gym or the recreation center. Keeping yourself fit and healthy should be a part of your everyday routine. Get hold of go-to casual workout gear before you make way for college!

Food Containers

Staying away from home and all by yourself has its cons and one of them has to be storing your food right. Having reusable food containers for dry as well as, takeouts is very important. So save the food and store it right to save some cash!

Handheld Vacuum

Affording to call in a helper every now and then is not the option for all so don’t forget to be smart and carry a handheld vacuum for a quick cleaning. It might be a little time consuming during the weekdays and an added work but its worth the bucks you save.

A Cross Body Bag

While you would imagine your college life to be all fancy, in reality, it’s you running errands and getting stuff done on most days. Keep a cross body for days when you’re in a hurry and need it your necessity in an easy-to-carry bag!

These dorm room essentials will make your settlement in a new environment easier.

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